Food industry

Scope of delivery: conveying & storage technology

We have been supplying the food industry with our conveying and storage technology since 1985. We meet the special requirements of this industry with stainless steel versions of our established conveyor technology as well as with driving discs of the conveyors made of food-conform plastics. ATEX versions of our products are also frequently used in this branch of industry. In most cases, we supply the conveyor technology for complex, three-dimensional conveyor lines between two process steps.

Plastics / Recycling industry

Scope of delivery: conveying, storage, cleaning & drying technology

In the plastics and recycling industry we can offer systems for granulates, agglomerates or even shredded plastics. Our various conveying systems cover various applications in this industry. Intermediate buffers of a process chain are often realised via our storage technology. Additionally, cleaning and drying systems can be integrated into the process. In the plastics sector, we supply subsystems or equip entire production halls with our technology.


Scope of delivery: conveying, drying, cleaning & storage technology

We have been successfully supplying the agricultural industry with our products since 1921 and therefore have the wide range of experience in this sector. In these 100 years, the requirements have changed considerably. In the beginning we sold single components for small farms. Today we supply complete grain plants including reception, cleaning, drying, storage and reloading. Our great strength with these projects is to transfer local existing conditions and specific customer requirements into a good plant concept.

Feed industry

Scope of delivery: conveying, storage, grinding & mixing technology

The feed industry benefits in particular from our self-developed, fully automatic feed mixing software. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the software works via weight or volume dosing. In addition to conveying, dosing and trough augers, spirals and storage silos, hammer mills, vertical and horizontal mixers are also used in this industry. We offer complete grinding and dosing systems, which are especially suitable for the production of feed mixtures for classic animal production.

Coffee/cocoa industry

Scope of delivery: conveying technology

For the coffee and cocoa industry we offer solutions for conveying cocoa nibs and cocoa powder as well as for coffee beans and coffee powder. Our conveying technology enables the combination of several process steps with only one conveying device. The material is moved gently and can also be transported at speeds below 0.5 m/s on request. Similar to the food industry, stainless steel versions with special ATEX requirements are often used here, which are part of our daily business.


Scope of delivery: conveying & storage technology

For breweries, we are an established supplier for the first part of the process chain. From the reception of the malt to intermediate storage, and from cleaning to the mill, we use our equipment for an efficient malt handling. In addition to conveying technology, we often use indoor or outdoor silos for malt storage and integrate big-bag racks for additional components or special malt. With our wide range of system options, we offer a suitable solution for every brewery, even for apparently complicated or existing plants.

Other possible applications

Scope of delivery: entire product portfolio

Due to our broad product portfolio, new applications for our technology are regularly added. In addition to the above-mentioned industries, we have already implemented projects with wood pellets, sewage sludge, dust behind filter systems or other bulk materials. We evaluate each enquiry individually and decide whether we can use our standard products or whether adjustments are necessary.