The ideal conveying device when dry, free-flowing bulk materials need to be conveyed in limited space and with complex conveying routes.

Especially useful for loading or emptying silo cells with only one conveyor. Especially when sorting purity is required.

Standard conveyor for horizontal transport when high capacities (up to 200 t/h) and long conveying distances are required.

Standard conveyor for vertical transport when high capacities (up to 200 t/h) and gentle conveying are required.

Economic conveyor for vertical and inclined conveying up to 45°. In combination with a side screw conveyor, horizontal conveying is also possible.

Tubular screw conveyors with direct drive up to Ø 320 mm and extensive accessories. We also build special designs with reinforced durability.

Affordable alternative to the trough chain conveyor for horizontal transport up to 40 t/h and max. 30 m conveying distance.

Drive power up to 22 kW for suction – pressure conveying of free-flowing bulk materials.