Success can be planned.

From the first planning sketch to the commissioning of the new plants, we consistently focus on your individual needs and develop tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements. In doing so, we follow the guiding principle of “identify needs first, then tailor the solution”. We are able to provide you with an initial offer in the early stages of the project.

Our planning department is equipped with CAD technology. This enables us to react quickly to enquiries and to show you in an efficient way at an early stage of a project how the full machinery may look later on. Three-dimensional planning drawings are the optimal basis for discussion, so that we can plan early and exactly in the customer’s interest.


Our great strength: in-house production.

We have bundled all relevant production machinery for modern plant construction in our plant in Beckum. This saves costs and guarantees you reliability. It also enables us to react quickly if a customer needs spare parts from the last century. Every year we reinvest far above average in our plant and equipment in order to guarantee a high vertical range of manufacture at low costs in the long term.

We are also a certified specialist welding company. In order to constantly improve the quality of our products, we have been involved in the implementation of the requirements of DIN EN 1090-1 and DIN EN 1090-2 at an early stage. With the further expansion of our factory production control in connection with the introduction of new ERP software, we were one of the first three companies in Germany to be allowed to provide their building products with a CE mark in accordance with DIN EN 1090-1 and 1090-2 EXC2.

Switchboard system construction

Our bonus: in-house control cabinet construction

We also rely on our own specialists and many years of experience in control cabinet construction. Computer-aided, our electrical engineers plan, develop and build individual controls cabinets that get the most out of your plant. We focus on ease of operation and maintenance as well as energy efficiency.

Commissioning and instruction of the operating personnel is carried out by our experts on site. Subsequently, the customer has the option of granting our electrical engineers remote access to the control system. This enables us to connect to your machinery from our plant if necessary and to react quickly in case of malfunctions.

Installation/ service

And the finish: complete assembly, lead fitters or service calls.

We accompany you through the entire life cycle of the project. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we either assemble our technology completely including commissioning, or we can send an experienced chief installation technician to guide your support staff. Both ways lead to success for years and leave satisfied customers.

You can also rely on the know-how of our experienced fitters for service work at your site. Our colleagues ensure a quick and professional solution of problems if damage occurs during harvest time or if plant components fail in your production. We recommend regular and preventive maintenance by our team or your experts.