Chain elevators

TKE with accessories
TKE with motor left and side screw left
TKE with side screw and hopper

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Chain elevators

Chain elevators provide a cheap possibility for the vertical transport of many bulk materials. Due to the special design of the elevator base, our chain elevators can also be used for inclined conveying up to 45°. If required, side screws (augers) can be attached to the elevator base on one or both sides for horizontal transport. Therefore, it is possible to convey horizontally and vertically at the same time with only one drive motor. Instead of side screws, side feed hoppers with a regulating slide can also be used at the elevator base. In addition to conveying grain, the chain elevator is suitable for transporting maize, pulses, pellets (up to 8 mm diameter), plastic granulates and many other free-flowing bulk materials. For that reason, our chain elevators can be used in agriculture, in the plastics industry and in the food industry.

We supply chain elevators in robust design with conveying capacities of 6 – 40 t/h (bulk density 0.75 t/m³). On request, we can manufacture our chain elevators from galvanized material so that they are suitable for outdoor use. The side screws can be equipped with an inlet regulation along the entire length. During operation the side screws can be engaged and disengaged via a clutch. The directly coupled drive motor on the elevator head can be mounted on both sides, allowing the chain elevator to be planned according to the conditions on site.

Product overview

Alternatively, our tube chain conveyor TRK could be the right solution for you if you want to convey horizontally and vertically at the same time with only one system in tight spaces.

Technical data

Shaft in mm
Capacity in m3/h
TKE 12/20
TKE 25/40
194 X 344
265 X 470