Trough chain conveyor

Trough chain conveyor

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Trough chain conveyor

Trough chain conveyors are suitable for the horizontal transport of bulk materials up to a maximum gradient of 20°. Due to their stable design and their high conveying capacity of up to 200 t/h (bulk density 0.75 t/m³) they can be used in the agricultural as well as in the industrial sector. Typical applications are, for example, receiving pits, silo filling and silo emptying. For receiving pits, the chain conveyor is equipped with special receiving troughs. The bulk material should be free-flowing, dry, non-abrasive with a grain size of 0 – 20 mm. Other bulk materials can also be conveyed after individual, technical clarification.

We supply trough chain conveyors with conveying capacities of 25 – 200 t/h. In addition to the horizontal conveying of bulk materials, our trough chain conveyors can also be used as lifting conveyors. In this case an additional 30° drive station is used, so that the material can be lifted directly to another conveyor. This eliminates the need for an expensive pit. All trough chain conveyors are equipped with conveyor discs made of plastic or fabric belt for low-wear and product-friendly conveying. In addition, safety devices such as bulwark detectors and speed monitoring can be integrated into the conveyor technology.

Product overview

Technical data

Trough in mm
Capacity in m3/h
TTF 25
TTF 40/60
TTF 80/100
194 X 344
265 X 470
424 X 456
53 – 80
106 – 133
Trough in mm
Capacity in m3/h
TTF 120/150
TTF 200
550 X 456
550 X 555
160 – 200