TLS indoor silos


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TLS indoor silos

Our smooth wall silos made of galvanised sheet metal are suitable for indoor installation. Due to the special construction, there are no structures or screws on the inside of the silo, so that no residual material remains in the silo during emptying. This makes our TLS smooth-wall silos particularly suitable for seed farms or applications with changing materials that must not mix. The storage capacity can be varied in very small steps over the diameter (Ø 1.33 – 7.00 m) and height of the silo, so that the optimum use of space can be guaranteed for every application. We supply our indoor silos as flat-bottom variants or with a discharge hopper with a 40° or 60° gradient, depending on the material. This means that our TLS can be used in the grain sector both as a dry cell (final storage) and as a wet cell (intermediate storage).

The TLS indoor silos are also characterised by simple and quick installation on site. All screws can be mounted on the outside by only one person. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we either carry out the assembly completely or deliver the material only.

Product overview

Technical data

Silo – Ø                
1.25 – 7.0 m
Silo height
2 – 10 m
up to 385 m3