Circular chain conveyor

Circular chain conveyor

180° drive station / 90° return station
Outlet with flap for sorted conveying
Drive station with discharge hopper available
Flexible installation of inlets and outlets
Trough shape guarantees unmixed conveying
Conveyor chain ensures gentle conveying

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Circular chain conveyor


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Circular chain conveyors are the ideal solution for flexible transport of bulk materials on level ground. The high conveying capacity of up to 80 t/h (bulk density 0.75 t/m³) results in a wide range of applications in both industry and agriculture. For complex conveyor systems with several inlets and outlets that are not sitting in a row, the circular chain conveyor is a suitable alternative to tubular screws, trough screws and trough chain conveyors. In comparison, only one TRF with one drive station is required instead of multiple individual conveyors. The combination of conveyor troughs and return stations allows that every point of a system can be reached. Typical areas of application are seed farms, plastics processing and the filling and emptying of silo systems.

We supply circular chain conveyors in several designs with a conveying capacity of 20 – 80 t/h. A gradient of up to 15° can be realized without loss of performance. The circular chain conveyor consists of a drive station with a chain tensioning device as well as, depending on the conveying distance, 90° or 180° return stations and U-shaped conveying troughs. Inlets and outlets can be flexibly installed at any point of the conveyor. Due to the special shape of the troughs and the correspondingly shaped conveyor disks, no residual quantities remain in the conveyor when changing the type of material. Furthermore, the conveyor chain does not lie in the material to be conveyed, therefore gentle transport is ensured.

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Conveying trough in mm
Flow rate in m3/h
TRF 150
TRF 220