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Trough screw conveyor

Our trough screw conveyors (augers) are suitable for horizontal conveying of bulk materials up to a gradient of 20%. They are used in agriculture, the feed industry, breweries and the plastics industry. The trough screw conveyors are used as spreading, dosing, receiving and discharging screws. Typical applications are the loading and unloading of silo systems, the receiving of bulk material in a pit or the dosing of material. The screw conveyors are also excellently suited for a wide range of other applications due to their robust design and high conveying capacity of up to 150 t/h (bulk density 0.75 t/m³).

We supply trough screw conveyors in a robust industrial design with conveying capacities of 20 – 150 t/h. Special versions with reinforced screw spirals or made of stainless steel are also available. The screws are manufactured with high precision on a special machine, which guarantees a very smooth and even run of the trough screws (low maintenance). Due to a modular design, standard conveying lengths of up to 20 m can be realized. Longer trough screw conveyors are available on request. Safety devices such as bulwark flaps or jam detectors can also be integrated into the system. Our trough screw conveyors are driven by a directly coupled gear motor, so that the re-tensioning, slipping or wear of a V-belt is completely eliminated.

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