Heat source for grain drying

Heat source for grain drying


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Heat source for grain drying

Both conventional and renewable energy sources are suitable as heat generators for our grain dryers. A combination of several heat sources is also possible to achieve the necessary heat output for the continuous, circulation or batch dryer. We calculate the energy requirement individually for each application by taking into account the quantity and type of grain, the desired drying temperature and the required throughput in t/h.

Our TBK combustion chambers achieve the highest degree of efficiency of almost 100% at low acquisition costs. The heated air flow is guided directly into the material to be dried. Our heat exchangers TW are suitable for a more gentle drying process, as the heat of the flue gases is transferred to a clean air flow through various baffles, thus heating the grain indirectly. Both variants are produced in series up to 1,400 kW heat output and can be operated with oil, gas or liquid gas. In addition to conventional energy sources, biogas plants via downstream hot water convectors are increasingly being used as a heat source. This type of heat generation is often combined with a combustion chamber or a heat exchanger to optimise energy costs. Finally, the moist outgoing air from the dryer can also be used via an air-to-air heat exchanger, in which a cold but dry air stream is warmed up using a cross-flow principle. In many regions the use of regenerative energy sources is eligible for subsidies.

Combustion Chamber TBK, direct heating

Heat Exchanger TW, indirect heating

Hot Water Convector, direct heating

Technical data

Combustion Chamber TBK
Heat Exchanger TW
Hot Water Convector
Heat output
Energy source
75 – 2000 kW
75 – 2000 kW
on request